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Chris Matthews Tells Liberal Editor: 'I'm Falling In Love With You


"That is exactly it."

Chris Matthews has quite a streak going. Earlier this week, he used the term "nut case" while describing Michele Bachmann and suggested "older white people" are racists. At the end of last week he referred to an Obama critic as a "cracker." He's ending this week by professing his love for the editor of a liberal website.

During a "Hardball" segment discussing Sen. Joe Lieberman's (I-CT) decision to retire, Matthews had a private moment with Josh Marshall, the editor and founder of the website Talking Points Memo. After Marshall said that Lieberman must believe that anything's he done is moral, Matthews could not contain himself: "Josh Marshall, I’m falling in love with you":

A longer version of the comment (via a transcript from NewsBusters) shows that the two were talking about Lieberman's comments Thursday regarding his support to invade Iraq:

JOSH MARSHALL, TALKING POINTS MEMO: I think Lieberman believes that if he did it, it must be moral. I think that there’s some of that there, too.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: The voice of the Oracle of Feebs (?). Thank you, sir. Josh Marshall, I’m falling in love with you. That is exactly it. If I’m there, and I’m moral, this is moral. This is going to be fought over in history. I thought Buchanan had the right question for him. I think his answer was unconsidered. Anyway, good luck Joe Lieberman and Hadassah.

As the NB transcript notes, we're not quite sure what the "Oracle of Feebs" is. There is, however, references in history the Oracle at Delphi in relation to Ancient Greece and made famous by Socrates and Plato.

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