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Leftist Protester: 'Tea Party's More Dangerous Than Muslim Brotherhood


"destroy the world"

Filmmaker Ann McElhinney captured a leftist protester this weekend making a curious claim: the "Tea Party's more dangerous than [the] Muslim Brotherhood."

According to McElhinney's description on YouTube, the video was taken at a pro-Egypt rally in Los Angeles. When pressed about why he believes the way he does, the protester rattles off a statement about how dangerous the Tea Party is since they would "destroy America" and "destroy the world" if they gained power and control of the nation's nuclear weapons:

McElhinney is the producer and director of the documentary "Not Evil Just Wrong," which "examines the devastating consequences of the global warming hysteria."

More on the not-so-dangerous Muslim Brotherhood, which birthed the terrorist group Hamas, here.

(H/T: Townhall)

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