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TX Woman Finds Razor Blade in Her Walmart Ice Cream


"I think it was just one of those random accidents that happen."

Stephanie Granger of Kilgore, TX was looking forward to curling up in front of a movie on Saturday and eating a small carton of Walmart ice cream. But her serene night was interrupted when she bit down on a broken razor blade that had found its way into the bottom of her Peanut Butter Stars treat. And while she's not threatening a lawsuit (and is surprisingly understanding) the response she got from the retail giant when she called to report the incident is not what she expected:

From KLTV:

Stephanie says she's heard of people finding things in their food, but never thought it could happen to her. Still, she says it's no one's fault.

"I think it was just one of those random accidents that happen. When you make that much of a product, and that many products, you're bound to have a machine break," Stephanie stated.

Stephanie called Wal-Mart on Monday to tell them what she found. After the call, she told us that the response wasn't what she was hoping to hear, "I don't think ‘I'm sorry, I hope your day gets better,' is an appropriate response to, "I found a razor blade in my ice cream.'"

Stephanie tells KLTV that more than anything, she wants Wal-Mart to find out how this happened, and make sure it doesn't happen again, because it could have been a much younger person biting into the ice cream.

"As an adult, I know that that's a danger. But, a child's not going to understand that. They're just going to see it as a toy in their ice cream, like they get toys in their Happy Meals."

When contacted by the news station, Walmart said it is taking the incident "very seriously" and has launched an investigation.

(H/T: Daily What)

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