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LA gallery exhibits Palin crucifixion as 'art


An art exhibit titled "Jesus is Coming" has closed up shop in Los Angeles but continues to make a stir on the internet.

From the gallery's website:

The R&R Gallery is celebrating it's very first trip around the sun with a salute to The Man. That's right, we're pulling out the big's The JESUS SHOW. Whether you're a believer or an unrepentant sinner, come out and give props to the O.G. Badass. We may not be turning water into wine, but we'll be trying our damndest, with original works by some of the finest of God's children. Holy Shit.

Among the more controversial of controversial works is a painting of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin smiling as she's nailed to a cross:

More after the jump, but with a content warning.

Then there's Jesus as a member of KISS, complete with a bleeding Kool-Aid heart:

There's also this fluorescent cross...

...which seems harmless until you zoom in on its not-so-hidden vulgar message:

All in all, just another tasteless anti-Christian exhibition on display in another liberal town.

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