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Federally Funded Comic Books? You Betcha. Meet Squeaks!


Just when you think there are no new ways for the Federal government to waste your tax dollars, those creative geniuses in DC surprise us all.

Say hello to the money-munching mouse known as Squeaks!

Launched late last year, Squeaks created a little bit of a government-sponsored buzz;

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/2poFHDbcTEw?fs=1&hl=en_US&rel=0 expand=1]

Yes, of course, the history of printing is something that should be taught in our schools, but did the Federal government need to reinvent the wheel here?  This space-exploring mouse is the star of a comic book printed by the GPO at a cost of $5.90 PER COMIC BOOK! If that doesn't make your head spin, wait until you hear that the GPO sells the book for just $5.00, a loss of nearly one dollar for each comic book!

Are there no comic book companies left in the country that could have taken this project and execute it at a lower cost? Hello? Marvel and DC Comics would likely trip over themselves to get a hold of a large government printing contract.

This makes no economic sense. If the government needs cars, do they build them from scratch? No, we BUY them from people who make cars... they may require a few special options, but that is what manufacturers do for large clients. They customize a product while still saving money for the customer.

Perhaps I am jumping to conclusions here. Maybe 'Squeaks' is a unique situation...

From the GPO's own web page;

Publisher: Government Printing Office, Publications and Information Sales

Description: Squeaks Discovers Type! is the story of a video game space mouse who helps an elementary school student Jake discover the invention of printing and its evolution through the ages so Jake can write a report. Squeaks is a collaboration between two U.S. Government Printing Office employees, Jim Cameron (Publication and Information Sales) and Nick Crawford (Creative Services). The story is perfect for introducing kids to the history of print. Illustrated in color, the art is outstanding and rivals anything you'll find in a comic book store.

Nope, nothing special here. Just typical government waste.

A special tip of the cap to Fox Business' John Stossel for mentioning Squeaks and the ridiculous government waste surrounding this comic book.

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