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Dem. Rep Gets in Shouting Match With Veteran at Town Hall: 'Time to Sit Down



Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) isn't known for his friendly comments towards veterans. This is no exception.

While at a town hall meeting last night, Moran got into a heated debate with a someone who identified himself as a 27-year veteran. The veteran was visibly upset that Moran was holding a town hall instead of trying to figure out the budget in Washington. While answering that charge, Moran took a shot at the supposed veteran, calling the man's question "caustic." That didn't sit well with the man, who began a heated back-and-forth with Moran (exchange starts at about 4:00):

Hot Air's Ed Morrissey offers his thoughts:

It’s certainly not a highlight reel for Moran’s concept of constituent services, but running a town-hall meeting does require a little decorum.  The problem is that Moran’s the one who disrupted it.  Moran’s contempt shines through right from the moment he begins speaking, saying, “And if you served your country in the military for 27 years, I thank you for that service, sir.”  Is it so unusual to find a military veteran in Moran’s district that his gratitude has to come with a qualifier?  Does Moran employ the qualifier for veterans who ask questions along the lines of “How can you be so totally awesome and humble at the same time?”  He then insults the constituent by claiming that his question was “caustic” rather than “legitimate,” prompting the veteran to interrupt — and Moran to act like an old schoolmarm when he does.

Morrissey goes on to say that Moran's town hall was not egregious: the House had already passed a budget, so they were off the hook. But that doesn't absolve Moran for the way he handled himself. Far from it.

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