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The People's Republic, But Not The People's Hospital


One of the pillars of communism is the classless society - despite that fact that you never actually find a communistic state that has one. From the special department stores reserved solely for Soviet party members, to the North Korean city of Pyongyang which is for DPRK party members and their ilk, certain people always want to have their perks - and it's always the people in power. In communistic Poland there was a saying for it: There's even and there's evener.

China is no different. I first realized this when I was there in 2005 and saw a Ferrari. Six years later it's not any closer to the communist ideal as evidenced by a hospital in Zhengzhou where there are two wards, ordinary and luxury. Ordinary means ordinary - and possibly lying in a hallway. Luxury is a bit nicer:

Luxury ward is a suite equipped with refrigerator, microwave oven, LCD TV, leather sofa, broadband, water cooler, luxury bed and 24-hour hot water supply. Nurses kept mum about who can live in these wards, and only disclosed that approval from the head of the hospital is required before hospitalization, and normal cadres are not entitled to them. Even if a luxury ward is vacant, it is off-limits to ordinary people with enough cash. Only high-ranking cadres are admitted.

And there you have it. Whether its communism, monarchy, capitalism, socialism or theocracy there's always one constant: You want to be the one making the rules.

via Ministry of Tofu.

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