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Union Protesters Harass Congressman During Press Conference: 'Go Home!


"Frank's gotta go! Frank's gotta go!"

Rep. Frank R. Wolf (R-VA) is trying to save taxpayers some money. He's opposed to the more expensive of two proposed Dulles Metrorail stations. He's also come out against collective bargaining.

That just won't do for union protesters who, during a Wolf press conference today, interrupted the proceedings with shouts and chants. The Washington Times explains:

Mr. Wolf also is opposed to a collective bargaining agreement the authority’s board included in the Phase II deal that establishes prehiring terms and conditions of employment. Mr. Wolf has said the agreement will result in fewer bids, which will reduce competition and drive up costs.

As a result, dozens of protesters representing labor unions attended the press conference Monday to criticize Mr. Wolf’s stance.

Wolf is the gray-haired man shown to the left of the podium in the video below:

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