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After Poop-Induced Rage, Man Cruelly Throws Down Dog on Street


He "snatched the leash and flung the pup 6 feet in the air."

Talk about unleashed. A 56-year-old Long Island man lost it when his neighbor's dachshund, Coco, approached his lawn to allegedly do her business. The man, Jaime Sanchez, was painting the outside of his house when he noticed the pup near his lawn.

The New York Daily News has more:

Sanchez warned [his neighnor] Bottiglieri, who lives across the street, not to let the dog do its doody on his grass or he would sic his 50-pound mutt on them both, cops and neighbors said.

"She's constantly letting her dog defecate and urinate on our property," said Sanchez's wife, Antoinette, noting that there's been a bitter feud between the neighbors for two years over parking on the street.

But when Bottiglieri threatened to call police, Sanchez walked up to the woman, snatched the leash and flung the pup 6 feet in the air - and 10 feet into the middle of the street, cops said.

The dog suffered some injuries as a result of Sanchez' stunt, including ruptured stitches on her stomach from being recently spayed.

After the cops arrived to the scene, Sanchez was arrested and charged with torturing animals and "reckless endangerment to property."

H/T Gothamist.

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