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UK Pub Singer Arrested for Singing 'Kung Fu Fighting' in Earshot of Chinese Pair



Daily Mail:

A pub singer has been arrested on suspicion of racism for singing the classic chart hit Kung Fu Fighting.

The song, performed by Simon Ledger, 34, is said to have offended two Chinese people as they walked past the pub where he was singing.

The entertainer regularly performs the 1974 number one, originally by disco star Carl Douglas, at the Driftwood Beach Bar in Sandown, Isle of Wight.

But after one of the passers-by reported his routine on Sunday afternoon, Mr Ledger was arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated harassment.

The Sun:

Simon said: "We were performing Kung Fu Fighting, as we do during all our sets. People of all races were loving it. Chinese people have never been offended by it before.

"But this lad walking past with his mum called us w*****s and did the hand sign before taking a picture on his mobile phone.

"We hadn't even seen them when we started the song. He must have phoned the police.

"They phoned me when I was in a Chinese restaurant that night. They arranged to meet me and I was arrested.

The Isle of Wight Gazette:

“I thought it was a joke but they were serious. They seemed pretty amazed but said the law is the law and it was their duty. It’s political correctness gone potty.”

Simon added: “There are plenty of Welsh people at our shows – does it mean I can’t play any Tom Jones?”

Bar owner Sean Ware said: “The song is in no way racist and nor is Simon. There is no way he would abuse anyone.

“He didn’t start the song just because Chinese people were walking past. He had already started playing it.”

Simon, who is on bail until today, wrote on Facebook: “If the lad who phoned the police is reading this, WHAT IS WONG WITH YOU? Sorry, what is wrong with you?”

Sadly we do not yet have actual video of Mr. Ledger singing "Kung Fu Fighting." But we did find this clip from 2001 of a TV performance of Simply Red's "Ain't That a Lot of Love":

And just for fun here is the Simply Red version:

But really, at this point, we all just want to hear one song. Here is Carl Douglas performing his hit song in a very odd TV segment:

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