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Astrofail': the real story behind Paul Ryan's town hall 'backlash


After a number of MSM stories popped up earlier this week proclaiming that GOP math guru Rep. Paul was facing "backlash" in Wisconsin town hall meetings over his bold budget proposal, a curious new video has surfaced which shows the extent of this out-of-control response from Ryan's constituents.

Thanks to my friend John McCormack, we get to witness the peoples' seething anger for ourselves at this Q&A session held Thursday just outside Milwaukee:

Ryan faced a larger number of hecklers at this event than previous ones, but they were just a sliver of the max capacity crowd. The vast majority of those present stood and applauded Ryan after one constituent rose to thank the congressman for producing his plan to rein in the federal budget. You probably won't see this on the nightly news...

Despite the media's focus on one incident last week where some constituents booed Ryan, the crowds at this week's and last week's town hall meetings have been overwhelmingly supportive.

Additionally, the Washington Examiner further points to leftists protesting Ryan and their "Astrofail":

USA Today exposes the fraud that is activist-organized protest at Republican town halls this recess. Their story opens with Paul Ryan calling on a man in the front row before recognizing him, “You changed clothes!” USA Today reports that the man had been at a separate event six hours earlier. Politico reports that “Citizens Action of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Labor Council have enlisted a traveling band of seniors to follow Paul Ryan’s every move.”
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