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Karl Rove: Osama bin Laden Is Rotting in Hell Today


"I know that's not the Christian thing to feel."

Karl Rove weighed in on the news of Osama bin Laden's death today. Speaking on Fox News, Rove said he has "a lot of jumbled up emotions" about bin Laden's death.

On the one hand, Rove felt "enormous pride" for our country.

On the other, he admits to having felt "a sweet taste of revenge."

"I know that's not the Christian thing to feel," he said. He added that he's glad that bin Laden is rotting in hell, "which is exactly where I think he is this morning."

Rove also said that he was anxious about what comes next in terms of whether al Qaeda will strike again.

He added that Obama deserves a lot of praise for how he handled the news of bin Laden's death. But, Rove warned, the war on terror is not over.

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