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Bout 2 Kill Ma Kid': Father's Facebook Messages Document Toddler's Sickening Murder


"It's ova - I did it."

A 24-year-old Australian man brutally stabbed his toddler to death with a Ninja-style knife in a vengeful act intended as "pay back" against the child's mother. After posting "Bout 2 kill ma kid" on facebook, the man murdered the child, and then returned to facebook, where he posted two other cruel messages as the little girl lay dying.

The first message said, "It's ova - I did it." The second one, posted later, said, "Pay back, u slut," and was directed at the toddler's mother.

The Daily Mail:

The Facebook message was brief and chilling - ‘Bout 2 kill ma kid’.

It was posted by 24-year-old Australian Ramazan ‘Ramzy’ Acar before he plunged a huge Ninja-style knife into the body of his two-year-old daughter Yazmina.

As the girl lay dying, Acar posted another message, directed at the child’s mother, Rachelle D’Argent: ‘It’s ova - I did it.'

Then he posted another vengeful Facebook message to Miss D’Argent, from whom he was separated, reading: ‘Pay back, u slut.’

This detail is particularly sickening:

He said he was going to take her to a milk bar to buy her a surprise - but instead he stabbed her a number of times before dumping her body in a park. His cruel Facebook messages were read later by his estranged partner.

Read the full story here.

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