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Does Trump 'Lose It' During CNBC Interview?


Note from Editor-in-Chief Scott Baker: A large number of comments on this story indicate great disagreement with Business Insider characterizing Trump's tone as a "Dean scream" moment. We've altered our headline to make it a question. Please post your thoughts to comments.

Donald Trump just appeared on CNBC, and according to Business Insider, this could be known as his "Dean Scream" moment -- "the on-air event that ended Howard Dean's presidential campaign in 2004."

What got Trump so upset? A New York Times article that slammed him and some recent business dealings. BI explains:

The article reports that more than 300 people are suing Trump after he removed his name from properties they purchased. Those involved in the lawsuit allege there was no disclaimer that Trump was not the developer of the properties, but rather just "rented his name" to the actual developers.

Now watch Trump take out his frustration on CNBC:

Editor's note: Business Insider updated their original post --

Executive Vice President and Special Counsel to Donald Trump Michael Cohen has responded to this morning's video on CNBC telling us,

"Mr. Trump provided an immediate rebuttal to the claims alleging that he was the developer of either of the failed projects. Mr. Trump further explained that the offering plan included specific language evidencing that he was the licensor and not the developer. The ensuing conversation between Mr. Trump and Simon Hobbs stems from Mr. Hobbs apparent lack of knowledge of the housing crisis this country is still working through. From the multitude of deals that Mr. Trump has been involved with, as either the developer or the licensor, the projects were extremely successful."

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