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Middle School Sends Out Racy 'Pajama Day' Flyer Featuring Lingerie Model


"...this is certainly a lesson learned."

Parents in Pittman, NJ got more than what they bargained for when they opened up an e-mail announcement about the local middle school's "pajama day." Right next to a cute, cartoon-like picture of a boy in a his pajamas was a giant picture showing a buxom Victoria's Secret model in a bejeweled bra.

"God, are you kidding me?" on parent exclaimed to local Philadelphia station. Fox29. And that's probably a common reaction.

But after some digging, Fox29 found the mix-up stems from a virus attached to the cuddly image:

From Myfoxphilly.com:

The Pitman Memorial Middle School principal says his hardworking secretary Googled the image of a child with the slippers and teddy bear for the flyer, and the picture of Lima was secretly tagged along, unbeknownst to her.

The owner of the picture used a hitchhiker virus, which was embedded in the innocent host image.

The school had no idea the image was there until the phone started ringing off the hook with outraged parents.

The principal immediately sent out a message apologizing to parents.

Websites add hitchhiker viruses to stop people from stealing their stuff. So, for the school, this is certainly a lesson learned.

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