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Heart-Stopping Video: Man Captures Teen's Alleged Texting-While-Driving Accident



When Sean Symons was driving in Arkansas recently, he noticed a teen driving erratically. Symons says the teen was text messaging while behind the wheel, causing him to swerve wildly, even into oncoming traffic. So Symons decided to call police, then whip out his own cell phone and film what was happening. That led to some incredible, heart-stopping footage when the teen lost control of his car:

[Content warning for language]

In a follow-up video, Symons reveals additional footage of the wreck's aftermath, including him running up to the teen after the accident and some slow-motion shots of the wreck as it unfolds:

The footage is incredible to be sure. But it's also worth pointing out that Symons is delving into some hypocrisy. While he is not "texting" while driving, the truth is he is using his phone to take video while driving. Some would say the two are equally as bad.

On the descriptions of the videos, Symons says he has turned over the footage to the police. No information on the teen's condition was available at this time.

(H/T: Buzzfeed)

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