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MMA Fighter Gives Racial, Sexually-Charged Interview to Female Reporter

MMA Fighter Gives Racial, Sexually-Charged Interview to Female Reporter

"Black folk love me and I love black folk 'cause I'm black."

Let's preface this by saying that MMA fighter Rampage Jackson is known for his wild, and inappropriate interviews. And it's also worth pointing out that the reporter in this case, Karyn Bryant, did introduce race into the interview by asking what the "homeboys" thought of him. But none of that seems to be an excuse for the sexually-charged, racially-tinged rant Jackson launched into after winning a recent fight.

After Jackson confirmed that by "homeboys" Bryant meant "black folk," he let loose (albeit in a lighthearted way):

"Black folk love me and I love black folk 'cause I'm black. But you know, I love everybody, but black folks love me. Black girls love me, too. I get hit on by black girls all the time. I be like, ooooh, I be showin' my nipple, I be doin' my nipple dance, man black girls love me. I love them black girls back, too. Man, I be lovin' me some black women. Are you black?"

When Bryant responds that she is part black, but also part white and part Jamaican, Jackson responds, "Jamaican me horny," and goes on to say he's tempted to hump her and makes a sexually suggestive motion towards her breasts:

[Content warning for suggestive language and actions]

It should be stated that Jackson's remarks seemed to be in good fun, but that still doesn't change the nature of them. He's definitely entitled to his choice in women, but asking for the reporter's race on TV and using sexually suggestive language and gestures could be considered crossing the line.

Now, if you're expecting Bryant to be upset about all this, she's not. She's taken to her Twitter account to defend Jackson and the interview:

Given the nature of the comments in the interview, some may be surprised at Bryant's blase attitude. But does that make the comments okay? Apparently, yes. UFC -- the fighting organization Jackson competes in -- has been silent on the issue.

(H/T: SportsGrid)

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