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Produce stickers as art?  Yes! Check out Stickerman's art.

Produce stickers as art? Yes! Check out Stickerman's art.

Barry Snyder is known in the art world as 'Stickerman,' to me he is a genius and an example of the American spirit. He has created something beautiful out of almost nothing, finding a way to feed his body and his artistic spirit at the same time.

For years I loathed the tiny stickers found on virtually every piece of produce sold in this country.  These nasty and sneaky labels frequently found their way into my mouth and I would end up spitting out half of a sicker and renewing my one-man campaign to have them forever banned. However, public support never gelled and I abandoned the fight, but not before discovering Stickerman and the beautiful side of produce stickers.

Barry 'Stickerman' Snyder viewed those little stickers as the paint he would use to create beautiful works of art. The Colorado native has been creating sticker mosiacs for years, using nothing more than the produce stickers.

Barry's website describes this beauty as '1958 Hedsel';

1958 Hedsel

Very Cubistic “house” in background. “The Edsel look is here to stay!”, shouted the advertising in 1958. A favorite with kids. Hedsel comes from the Edsel full of heads. The car comes full of cartoon characters with Sponge Bob behind the wheel. Children live to see how many characters they can recognize. Fun for all ages!

Stickerman spends months working on some of his creations, some are originals and others may be an homage to great works by famous artists, like this obvious tribute to Grant Wood's 'American Gothic.'

Barry explains;

Mom & Pop Culture

Love the house siding and shingles. Love the pendant. Really love her apron. Like his shades and like faded parts of his overalls. Also proud of the effects of the directional flowing of the Del Monte stickers in his coat. Print of this were on display for the American Gothic Festival in Cedar Rapids Iowa at the Chamber of Commerce building. I love Iowa.

Stickerman's work is available for sale via his website.  He offers originals and prints.

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