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Seattle Terror Suspect's Wife Collapses During Emotional Interview


"perfect Muslim"

The wife of suspected terror plotter Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif spoke out about the charges against her husband and tried to paint the picture that he was a "perfect Muslim." But when the reporter questioning her asked about the possibility of spending life behind bars, she collapsed to the ground in a flood of emotions.

You can watch the reaction of Binta Moussa-Davis, the wife, below starting at about the three-minute mark:

The first part of the video is an interview with Rep. Peter King (R-NY) chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. According to him, the suspects are a perfect example of inmates who were radicalized while in prison, which was the topic of a committee hearing led by King last week.

“He was radicalized in prison, and this is a common denominator in a number of these threats and plots," King said.

In other related news, Fox13 in Seattle uncovered some YouTube videos that appear to be of Abdul-Latif. They allegedly show him spouting anti-American rhetoric, at one point referring to the U.S. as the "united snakes:"

“Look what’s happening in Libya now, look what’s happening in Egypt now… look what’s happened in Iraq.  It’s not a coincidence, these are all Muslim countries and we just sit back here and accept their rules, accept their judgment” Abdul-Latif said. “Allah has left us in ignorance. And we are fools to believe that these people are going to help us.”

Later in that same video, Abdul-Latif seems to refer to the U.S. as the “united snakes.”

“Now we have degraded ourselves, and now Muslims are killing each other instead of defending the religion… Now Enemies of Islam like the united snakes are taking advantage of that” Abdul-Latif said.

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