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Wednesday evening must-reads


Poll: Two-thirds of Americans plan to scale back this summer

Soros' Center for American Progress shoots itself in the foot

Could Obama beat Rick Perry... in Texas?  What about Sarah Palin in Alaska?

"Weeper of the House": Dem campaign committee asks donors to "make John Boehner cry"

Sign of the times: Indiana schools declare that keyboarding is in -- cursive is out

Senate threatens to cut off aid to Palestinians

Mystery illness plagues Iraq, Afghanistan veterans

The toll of war: Mountains of red tape are killing our vets

The cost of war: $3.7 trillion

Obama scolds his own administration for ATF scandal

Do women really need Planned Parenthood?

Bill Clinton: The "stimulus" wasn't big enough

Ex-NLRB chairman denounces partisan Obama board

The nanny state targets... eyebrow threaders?

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