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Thursday morning must-reads


"Mr. President... you are the problem."

Predictions coming true: Pharma R&D is in steep decline

House Dems set to demonize gun owners with "gunwalker" hearing

"Public servants" profiting from ObamaCare

Hungary honors memory of Ronald Reagan

Protesters return to Cairo's Tahrir Square

Illegal immigrants heralded as heroes on Capitol Hill

Dick Durbin: Hey, maybe an illegal immigrant will be president one day

California continues to tax itself to death

L.A. County declares war on private property

Hey Congress, how about an income tax vacation?

Killer drones, stealth jets, spy planes: Bob Gates’ legacy in military tech

Minnesota state gov't on the brink of shutdown

Change in Wisconsin: School district swings from $400,000 deficit to $1.5 million surplus

Marco Rubio finds creative way to answer constituent mail

The Obama press conference... unplugged

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