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Can Comcast Create a Ghost Internet Account for You and Then Demand You Pay?


"Started getting harassed on my cellphone during a friend's wedding."

If you are one of the fortunate Americans who has traded in life as an office cubicle farmer for working at home, Comcast has good news for you: business class internet is available for your residence. It is called a Teleworker account, and the internet connection itself is apparently excellent.

Now the bad news: Comcast may also set up a make-believe residential account in your name, and then turn it over to collections, over and over again.

Consumerist is reporting this story of an unnamed Comcast subscriber. He/she tells it best:

"For the past few years now, I've been receiving harassing calls from Comcast Residential Services Collections Department telling me that I have an unpaid balance for internet service. This happens every 2-3 months (3 calls a day, 7 days a week), and when I follow up with Residential Services, it is always a new account they create, trying to charge me twice for my service (once for my Teleworker account, and once for the bunk Residential account). The Teleworker account has no outstanding balance, and is paid on time."

Allegedly, to fix the issue takes several hours with customer service, and aggravating collection calls start coming again during the next billing cycle. It never seems to get fixed by Comcast Business Services, despite promises to the contrary.

Comcast reminds us of an important truth -- monopolies are just un-American.

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