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White Supremacist David Duke Calls Jews ‘Extremists,‘ Says Israel is ’Terrorist State’


"Israel has even attacked America with terrorism."

Infamous White Supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke didn't hold anything back during his interview on Thursday with Russia Today's Thom Hartmann. As Raw Replay reports, Duke's statements were outrageously anti-Semitic and will surely be seen by most as offensive. Below, find some snippets from his appearance:

"I think the fact is that both Democrats and Republicans are very afraid of the Jewish extremists, the Zionists, because the Zionists have incredible amounts of media power."

"They’ve got the most powerful lobby in Washington, which is AIPAC, of course. And they’ve got enormous financial power. I mean, they control the Federal Reserve."

Then, he continues, attacking the Jewish state and claiming that "extremists" control nearly all of the globe's powerful financial and informational outlets:

"Israel is truly a terrorist state. Israel has even attacked America with terrorism.

"The Jewish extremists who control the Jewish people also control these critical aspects of power. I call it the Jewish matrix of power. They control massive international finance, like the IMF, like the Federal Reserve, like a lot of the international banking, like Goldman Sachs… they also control the media."

Watch his comments for yourself, below:

Last year, Duke posted the following video on YouTube, in which he claimed that the Jews had a "secret role" in slavery (this particular video is dubbed "Part 1," as there's no shortage of Duke-produced content targeting the Jews:

There's plenty more of this sort of rhetoric released by Duke regularly. Now, just take a moment and imagine a Duke-led American White House...what do you see?

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