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Monday evening must-reads


Save the American Dream: fix the debt, cut spending & restore prosperity

Coburn plan revealed... and the thinking behind it

Obama pledges to veto Cut, Cap and Balance

The real issue in debt ceiling debate: growing government

White House logic: Making budget cuts will hurt our ability to make budget cuts

GOP should've demanded Ryan budget cuts all along

Geithner admits Treasury has no back-up plan on debt ceiling

Petraeus relinquishes command in Afghanistan

Who will take our place in Iraq?

British troops suffer under horrendous rules of engagement

Operation Fast and Furious: DOJ protecting political appointees

EPA presents: A student's guide to climate change

How do we fix America's inner cities?

Rick Perry: Game changer?

GOP presidential hopeful lays out the "Cain Doctrine" on Israel:

P.S. -- In case you missed the memo, it's SHARK WEEK!

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