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Thursday evening must-reads


"There is absolutely no deal," Boehner says

Marc Thiessen: The Gang of 6 offers $3 trillion tax hike

Missing the debt: Entitlement reform is essential

I must have missed the memo: WH says economy has "vastly improved"

Oh noes: Oprah won't publicly support Barack in 2012

Twitter is not a very good debate format

Confirmed: Hollywood is a land of narcissists

Romney sells himself as most "electable" Republican

John Kerry -- U.S. Senator or "global citizen"?

Ignorance is Eric Holder's best defense

Did ObamaCare kill job America's jobs recovery?

House Armed Services chairman rips calls for deep defense cuts

Top 10 most ambitious projects of modern science

Wisconsin job market explodes following crackdown on unions -- pure coincidence, I'm sure:

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