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What did I find laying around Glenn’s studio? Here’s a peek


Regular listeners of Glenn Beck and the "Fourth Hour," the extra hour of radio available to GBTV subscribers, are familiar with Infomercial Fridays, where hosts Pat and Stu test out outlandish "as seen on TV" products to see if they actually work. It's whacky and wild.

So today, I was working from the radio studio and happened on the product the crew will test out on the next episode of Infomercial Friday: Air Kicks.

Air Kicks are basically springs attached to boots, and the wearer runs, jumps, and leaps around with them on. After seeing them, I couldn't resist, so I strapped them on, handed the camera to assistant radio producer Natasha, and filmed what ensued:

You can watch Air Kicks make their debut a week from Friday on GBTV.

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