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Bill Maher Mocks Beck for His 'Count Me a Jew' Statement, Calls 'Tubby' Beck a 'Boneless Baby-Man'


"Goys don't cry."

What week would be complete without Bill Maher dropping a bomb or two, especially when it's directed at Glenn Beck? This time, the Real Time host mocked Beck's dedication to Israel, and specifically, his keynote address at the Christians United for Israel summit in which he said, "Count me a Jew and come for me first."

On this week's coming episode of Real Time, Maher will reportedly dedicate one of his "new rules" to Israel, a country Maher thinks must change its motto to "save us from our friends." Obviously a jab at Glenn, coming on the heels of his CUFI address.

Maher, who snidely labeled Beck a "boneless baby-man with the emotional maturity of Polly Pockets," insinuated Beck is delusional for counting himself a Jew who is willing to defend Israel, saying:

"Well, sorry tubby dearest, but spending the weekend in Israel doesn't make you a Jew, it's like going to Disneyland and announcing you're a duck."

Below is a preview of the ever-acerbic Maher mocking Beck for his dedication to Israel and the Jewish people:

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