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Thursday evening must-reads


President Obama is no longer tethered to reality

Scare tactics: Pelosi tells seniors to "kiss Medicare goodbye"

Ira Stoll: 5 facts about the debt

Reid plan cuts "hundreds of billions" from defense budget

Does Boehner's plan really cut spending?

Thomas Sowell: Boehner's plan is not perfect, but it ain't bad

Could Dems lose debt fight but still win tax war?

Study: ObamaCare will increase health care costs

What are Americans willing to sacrifice to save... the postal service?

Sarah Palin reminds GOP freshmen why they were sent to Washington

Rick Perry: Abortion is a states' rights issue

Gays demand affirmative action in military recruitment

Capitol Hill continues to stroke its own ego

Newly formed South Sudan establishes full diplomatic ties with Israel

CNN (and Al Jazeera) fawned over Fort Hood attack plotter

Happy 99th birthday, Milton Friedman!

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