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I'll take a sugar-coated Satan sandwich, hold the mayo


Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, has decried the new White House-GOP debt ceiling deal as a "sugar-coated Satan sandwich."

What is a "Satan sandwich," exactly? Well I'm glad you asked because it's given me the motivation to search around the Interwebz to find out.

According to Urban Dictionary, it's a sandwich made by Satan:

The chiefest of hell’s dark delights, it is said that just one bite of it arouses an unspeakable lust of terrific potency.

NRO's Jonah Goldberg wonders... why a sandwich? And not just that, but who actually coats a sandwich with sugar?  Instead, he offers some alternative suggestions:

Lucifer’s lunch bucket, once you open it, all Hell breaks loose.

Mephistopheles’ M&Ms: candy coating on the outside damnation on the inside.

Pernicious Peanut Butter Cups, tasty chocolate on the without, agony within.

A Satanic Transvestite: looks good until you see what’s under the clothes.

But assuming you want to stick with a sandwich like Rep. Cleaver, AFP correspondent Oliver Knox wonders what kind of ingredients might top such a hellish delicacy:

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a staunchly liberal opponent to the plan, remarked today: "I know the president's heart, and I recognize that we're eating some sandwiches we don't like." Speak for yourself, congresswoman.

Over at the PJ Tatler, blogger Zombie tracked down an image of a delicious "Satan sandwich," but noted that it fell short of his expectations:

I want to see Satan himself in a sandwich, and it’s got to be sugar-coated. I thought about trying to create such an image myself, but alas my Photoshop skills are few and far between, and my artistic skills are non-existent.

So I thought: Let the people speak!

And thus began the first-ever "Sugar-Coated Satan Sandwich contest," whereby readers began submitting their own culinary creations:

Mmmm.  I had no idea a debt deal could be so devilishly tasty.  Click here to see the latest submissions in Zombie's amazing contest.

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