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Thursday morning must-reads


GOP candidates prepare for debate

Just in time, another 9-day vacation for Obama

Statue of Liberty closing down for one-year renovation

Liberal radio hosts: US "income inequalities" could lead to UK-like riots

Caught on tape: MoveOn protesters threaten to kick down John Boehner's door

The science behind London's riots

Ann Coulter: The sun never sets on the British welfare system

Karl Rove: Obama's no good, very bad week

Michelle Malkin: The return of Mr. Green Jobs boondoggle

Borrowing from the Communists to pay the Jihadis?

Flash flooding washes away 40 feet of America's super secure border fence

Which states are the most Democratic/Republican?

U.S. "secret" negotiations with Taliban reportedly collapse

Video: Mitt Romney surprises Fox News with impromptu Iowa interview

Bonus video: FNC's Bret Baier's adorable "chicken" helps him prepare for debate

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Elon Musk's Neuralink receives FDA green light for 'first-in-human clinical study'

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