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Did Anti-Gay Marriage Republican Cruise for Male Prostitute on Craigslist?


He was responding to an ad for a "sugga daddy..."

Here's how it reportedly went down: 64-year-old, married Indiana state representative, Phillip "Phil" Hinkle -- who voted in favor of a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage -- allegedly tried to procure an 18-year old male prostitute named Kameryn Gibson on the "men seeking men" section of Craigslist and then offered the young lad $80 plus tip for a "good time" Saturday night at the JW Marriott hotel.

Once at the hotel, Hinkle, in perhaps not the brightest move, reportedly showed his official ID to the male prostitute. Shortly thereafter Gibson, whose ad said he was seeing a "sugga daddy," had a change of heart and called his sister, Megan, from the hotel suite's bathroom to come and pick him up. That's when Hinkle allegedly tried to prevent Gibson from leaving.

Now here's where it gets really weird. Gibson claims the lawmaker then grabbed him in the buttocks, exposed himself and later offered him a bribe of an iPad, BlackBerry and $100 cash to keep quiet.

At some point, Gibson's sister also became involved in the situation via speakerphone, threatening to expose Hinkle if he did not let her brother go.

The Indy Star breaks down the scene from there:

When Gibson came out [of the bathroom], he said Hinkle told him he couldn't leave. Gibson called his sister again. This time, Megan told him to put her on speakerphone.

"I started cussing him," Megan told The Star. She also threatened to call the police and the local media.

"He said, 'I'll give you whatever,'" Megan said.

But when they hung up, Kameryn Gibson said Hinkle grabbed him by the right arm, just below the shoulder. Gibson said it was then that Hinkle grabbed him in the rear, dropped his towel and sat down on the bed — naked.

When Megan Gibson arrived to pick up her brother, she again threatened to call police and the local media.

Since the story broke, however, Hinkle is now claiming he is the victim of a "shakedown." What's more, he's not even flat-out denying the allegation:

When contacted by The Star about the emails, Hinkle, a Republican who represents portions of Pike and Wayne townships, did not contest the emails but said, "I am aware of a shakedown taking place."

Asked what he meant by shakedown, Hinkle would not elaborate. He directed further questions to his attorney.

Hinkle's lawyer, defense attorney Peter Nugent, said he was unable to say what Hinkle meant by a "shakedown." Nugent said he is investigating the situation, but he does not know what happened Saturday. Nugent said he has not filed a police report and does not yet know whether he will.

Asked whether he had seen the emails and the Craigslist posting, Nugent said, "Oh, I've seen some emails, but not all of them." He would not be more specific.

"I'm trying to get to the bottom of everything involved," Nugent said.

Wednesday, Nugent faxed this "official statement":

"Representative Hinkle is aware of the inquiries by The Indianapolis Star and we are investigating the matter at this time. We request that everyone respect the privacy of the family at this time."

This doesn't look good for Hinkle. When will lawmakers wise up and learn to steer clear of the easily-traceable Craigslist and social media sites to carry out dubious deeds.

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