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Scottish Murderer Converts to Islam for Better Food & Benefits in Prison

Scottish Murderer Converts to Islam for Better Food & Benefits in Prison

They do it for better meals and other perks.

Most people find religion for reasons of spirituality, personal growth and even to celebrate their belief in God.  Others, however, find religion to reap some of its "fringe" benefits. Such is the case for one hardened criminal in Scotland -- convicted of stabbing an 82-year old grandmother to death -- who allegedly converted to Islam to avoid having to work long hours in the prison laundry and to enjoy the presumably better Halal meals afforded to Muslim prisoners.

Undhimmi reports that convicted murderer David Millar will enjoy many of the perks his new-found Muslim faith have afforded him.  Since converting, Millar will reportedly be excused from work on Fridays to attend prayers and he’s apparently been bragging to fellow inmates that he will be exempt from doing chores during the month Ramadan.  To top it all off, the 28-year-old will also allegedly receive special halal meals, including curries, while at Dumfries prison.

Millar even found a bride named Sheree Malik, who is also presumably Muslim, from behind bars using a dating website for convicts.

But one prison source says Millar's scam is "so see-through."

“He works in the laundry but wants to use his new-found faith to get out of it," the sources reportedly said.

“He’s told a few of his cronies he won’t have to work for the whole of Ramadan, which is basically like getting a month off his duties.

Millar, who was a mere 14 when he brutally stabbed the helpless octogenarian, reportedly never even showed an interest in Islam before. It is believed that because of his interest in physical fitness, Millar thought the better Halal meals who assist him in weight training.

But if someone expresses an interest in conversion, the culture is such that no one, including prison gurads are allowed to question the inmate's motivation. One prison guard reportedly said that although Millar's conversion came out of the blue, prison staff are "duty-bound to help once a prisoner decides to become Muslim.”

But Undhimmi reports that, even if done for superficial reasons, converting to Islam in prison has become akin to joining an "exclusive club," of sorts. In addition, there is the potential for these converts to become a part of the growing terrorist operations that are born and cultivated in many prisons:

Not only are these jails ‘colleges for crime’, but they are also, potentially, terrorism incubators too.

Yet the craziness doesn’t end there. Britain’s protected class of Muslim criminals have also recently been afforded the right not to eat or be accommodated with the ‘filthy kuffar’, and been awarded the privilege of segregated cells.

In another scam last year, the dhimmi authorities capitulated yet again and allowed Muslims to opt out of offender rehabilitation programmes; mandatory for other prisoners.

But as Undhimmi points out, one should perhaps look at the political, legal and judicial systems, as in their quest to accommodate "diversity" and avoid appearing bigoted  they may in fact be causing more harm than good.  After all, it is probably not so difficult to believe that convicted felons, by and large, do not have the purest of intent or motivation.

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