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Update: Rep. Walsh Tells Beck Radio Ethics Committee Reconsidering Israel Event Ban


"I didn't want to run away..."

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), who yesterday fired up Glenn Beck when Walsh said the House Ethics Committee banned him and other congressman from  join Beck's Restoring Courage event Israel on a privately-funded trip, says the committee is now reconsidering.

On radio Friday, Walsh called in and explained that his office had spoken to staffers at the committee after yesterday's interview. After explaining the event's goals again and answering other concerns (such as if the event will be political), he said he resubmitted his request.

“Again it’s fairly simple," Walsh explained. "We were approached by a great group, the International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation. They do great work around the world promoting Israel’s cause. They came to us to sponsor a fact-finding trip to Israel that coincided with the time that you‑all are there. Obviously we didn’t coordinate with you guys. Ethics Committee came back and they had some ‑‑ they had some objections to the trip. We think we’ve straightened out many of these objections. One of the objections they had was that Glenn’s events were just a little too political in nature. Now we were going over there to embark upon a number of fact‑finding meetings and stuff but, you know, what, I wasn’t going to run away from what Glenn was doing over there.  I wanted to participate in it."

The conversation and the new paperwork, Walsh said, means he could now be given approval to join Beck in Israel.

You can watch the interview below:

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