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America, Get Ready for Guinness Beer's New 'Guinness Black Lager


"Americans are lager drinkers."

Diageo, the makers of Guinness beer, has finally made a move to enter the highly-competitive US beer market with their latest product: Guinness Black Lager.

Having already put the beer through lengthy trial periods in Northern Ireland and Malaysia, Guinness looks to launch the lager September 1st, right before the start of the NFL season.

This isn't a gimmick like Zima or Billy Beer, on the contrary, Diageo means to make a serious impact. Currently, the American lager market is dominated by Anheuser Busch and MillerCoors. Diageo, via the new Guinness lager, intends to compete against these two giants by luring in American's with their brand's wide appeal and the lager's taste.

"The fact that the U.S. is only the world’s fourth-largest market for Guinness means there’s something I’m not doing right," said Peter McDonough, Diageo's North America chief marketing and innovation officer.

"Americans are lager drinkers, and Guinness Stout can be challenging for some people to embrace. But now it’s in a liquid profile they love. Guinness Black Lager will appeal to the tastes of American beer drinkers," he said according to a recent Business Insider report.

Business Insider poses some interesting questions: "Will a broad range of American beer drinkers actually go for it? It's a bit strange to think of Guinness as anything but the iconic 'perfect pint,' and this lager is meant to be consumed from the bottle."

Although there is something to be said for brand loyalty, if there is one thing that the average American learned in college it's this: a better beer is a better beer.

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