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Monday evening must-reads


How will ObamaCare affect health insurance? Hint: It's not good news

Another day, another record high for Obama disapproval

One-in-four Democrats want to dump Obama

"You're a racist if you're not us": A collection of liberal idiocy

Ira Stoll: What do Hurricane Irene and the financial crisis have in common?

How a hurricane becomes a political opportunity

Dem running to replace Weiner thinks our debt is only $4 trillion

House GOP unveils jobs plans

New York Times: What's so wrong with rubber rooms?

The war on plastic sandwich bags

Cue leftist outrage: Dick Cheney has "no apologies"

Why does Michelle Obama seem so miserable?

Did the first lady Queen Michelle give illegal contraband to the French?

Rick Perry maintains front-runner status in new poll

Is Mitt Romney avoiding the tea party?

Jennifer Rubin: Watch the calendar, not the polls

Could you have worked for Thomas Edison? Take the test

Hurricane Irene’s birth and death... as seen from space:

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