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Restoring Honor: One year later (Part 4)


Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of Restoring Honor, last year’s rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. which celebrated America’s traditions of faith, hope and charity. Some Blaze readers have shared their personal experiences and reflections on the remarkable event one year later. I’ve been posting them on the blog throughout the day.

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Jonathan A. from Minnesota:

My family was planning a trip to Washington D.C. last summer, and my parents initially planned for us to leave on 8/29. I told them I did not want to go on those dates, because I so badly wanted to go to Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally. They finally agreed to it.  All throughout the week before the rally, we met others who were also going to the rally; they were all different ages, races and from different parts of the country. But anytime we met someone, we could talk to them as if we'd known each other forever.

The day of the rally was probably the most exciting of my life up to that point, because I was so glad I could make it. It was probably in the nicest crowd I've ever been a part of, and it was a true testament to the great beliefs of those who were there that day.

Thank you, Mr. Beck, for organizing that rally, and proving that when there is a cause worth fighting for, American citizens pull together to fight for it.  Thank you also for showing me that I'm not alone when it comes to teenagers who cares deeply for this country and are willing to fight for it.

Davdi E. from Colorado:

I first heard about Glenn Beck from a friend back in January 2010 and after watching his next show, I was hooked.  I knew this man had things to say that I needed to hear. Later that year when he announced 8/28, I immediately decided to arrange with my sons from Ohio and N. Carolina (former Marines) to meet in D.C. and share with them this amazing experience.  We met and spent the night on the Mall claiming a space near the stage.

One of the best descriptions I heard of that night was, "It was like a giant family reunion of people we just met."  Everyone was so friendly and seemed genuinely happy to share the experience with our "new-found families."  Glenn promised that we would experience miracles that weekend and indeed we did -- from the wild geese "fly over" to the spotless condition of the mall grounds after the event completed and the many stories of kindness and generosity among those who attended.

And now, one year later, my wife and I belong to the local 9/12 group and have followed Glenn faithfully through Founding Father Fridays, Insider Extreme, the Israel events and now can hardly wait for GBTV's full launch!  But of all these things, it is still any picture or any reference to 8/28 that brings a tear to my eye and a warm spot to my heart!

May God Bless and care for Glenn Beck and his family!

Thank you to all those who voluntarily shared their personal experiences from 8/28!  I wish we could've used them all today, but we've been happy to share such moving accounts to help remember the monumental occasion.

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