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Romney Slams Obama As 'Triple D' President: 'Debt, Downgrade, Delay


"You shouldn’t be on the vineyard playing golf."

During a recent campaign stop in New Hampshire, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney had some strong words regarding President Obama's economic performance. And he coined a new term to let people know.

“What I’ve seen and said from this president is not a triple 'a' presidency but I’ll call it a triple 'd' presidency. It’s been a presidency which has been associated with debt and with downgrade and with delay," Romney said. “You’ve got 25 million people out of work right now Mr. President, out of work or in part time jobs needing full time work or the stopped looking for work. You shouldn’t be on the vineyard playing golf. You should be doing your job putting Americans back to work.”

"Debt, downgrade, delay hardly characterize the American spirit," he added, "hardly characterize what it is that made us the great nation that we are."

You can watch the comments below courtesy of CNSNews:

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