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"Dancing With The... Reasonably Familiar?"


"... the show should now be known as Dancing With The Reasonably Familiar"

Last night ABC revealed the latest cast list of the network's one guaranteed ratings smash, "Dancing With The Stars."

During a radio interview in the Fall of 2006, Tom Bergeron joked with Whoopi Goldberg that DWTS had already run through the list of real "stars" and the show should now be known as "Dancing With The Reasonably Familiar." Five years later, no matter how many C and D List celebs are stumbling on live TV each week, the show continues to be a ratings slam-dunk for ABC/Disney.

The newest roster of "stars" includes:

The Genuinely Famous

CNN's Nancy Grace - Since the Casey Anthony trial has ended, Ms. Grace has considerable time on her hands

Riki Lake - Actor, Talk Show Host - Riki is a legit pick

David Arquette - "Scream" star, producer, soon-to-be ex of Courtney Cox, and David's spot on the show locks up the valuable on-air chatter from Howard Stern

Kristin Cavalleri - From the TV series "The Hills" - some are calling Cavalleri the female "eye candy" of this season, a title she will probably share with Elisabetta Canales (see next section).

Ron Artest - Sports figures have done well on the dancing competition and this basketball star with a temper could be a great wild card selection for those handicapping the "contest."

Hope Solo - She's an Olympic gold medal winner and the goalie for the US Women's Soccer Team that did so well in the recent World Cup

Carson Kressley - One of the "Queer Eye" guys will have to face the judges each week.

Chynna Phillips - 1/3 of the 90s pop vocal group Wilson Phillips

The Sort-Of Famous

Chaz Bono - Cher's daughter, er, recently gender-reassigned son...but star?  Puh-lease.

Elisabetta Canales While not as well known as Chaz, Canales does have some media credits, mostly in Italy. She can be seen in "Deuce Bigalo European Gigolo"

Jr. Martinez - Bravo ABC. I have met Martinez and while some may question ABC for selecting him, he and everyone who has served or is serving in our all-volunteer military are the true stars. Martinez is an amazing story. The retired soldier was injured and burned horribly when his Hummer hit a land mine in Iraq. Jr has recently been seen on ABC's cancelled soap "All My Children."

And the barely known

Rob Kardashian - Uh, well, you have to give the Kardashian family credit, they seem to have found a way for every single person carrying the family name to get a paycheck from the entertainment industry.

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