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See One Artist's Incredible 'Light Paintings' Using a Flashlight and a Camera


Made with light from a flashlight.

Fly My Pretties (Photo: Darius Twin via Flickr)

At first glance, you may think the glowing images below were done on a computer, but a much more skillful method was used to create these free-hand sketches. It's called light painting.

Imagine the quickly disappearing image left when you write your name with a sparkler on the Fourth of July. Darren Pearson uses the same idea -- but mini-flashlights instead -- and a camera with a long exposure setting, according to Visual News.

Now, think about this: Pearson, who's nickname is Darius Twin, freehanded that image using the mini flashlights. By drawing in the air with the flashlight in a dark or semi-dark setting, Pearson sets his camera to a shutter speed that lasts several seconds. Point-and-shoot cameras won't work; the lens opens and shuts too quickly. While the shutter is open, the camera captures the light like a brushstroke on canvas. When the shutter closes, the final product is the continuous image created by light.

If you're still not quite getting how difficult it would be to produce these dinosaur images or if you want to learn to make some yourself, watch this:

Here are some photos from Pearson's "only the best" collection via Flickr:

And he does himself one better than just still images; Pearson creates light animations too. Watch:

Pearson is part of a photography group called The Light Painters.

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