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Monday evening must-reads


Happy Labor Day: The top 10 union thug moments of the year

Jimmy Hoffa slams tea party "SOBs" while Joe Biden denigrates conservative "barbarians"

Obama praises unions for support of "shared prosperity"

Jesse Jackson on Tea Party: "This is a Civil War struggle"

Obama says he pulled economy "back from the brink"

Gasoline prices up $1 per gallon over Labor Day 2010

John Podhoretz: Obama's "country before party" nonsense

Bloomberg calls for even more gun restrictions in NYC

Sarah Palin slams Obama's crony capitalism

Without a written plan, Jim DeMint sees little reason to attend Obama's jobs speech

Ross Douthat: It's still the 9/11 era

Jihadists plot to take control in Libya

British health care system makes patients wait to "lower expectations"

Jane Fonda is beyond disgusting

Al Sharpton & radio guest wonder how Rush Limbaugh's black call screener could be so raaaaaaacist:

h/t Brian Maloney

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