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DCCC Pulls Campaign Ad Featuring Airplane Flying Over NYC Skyline


"made a small tweak to remove the brief image of the skyline."

The special election for the congressional seat formerly held by New York Rep. Anthony Weiner is just four days away, leading the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to double down on their attacks of GOP candidate Bob Turner -- and apparently forget a few sensitivities along the way.

The DCCC had to swiftly edit their television ad Thursday after it garnered a wave of attention for its depiction of an airplane flying low over the New York skyline.

The ad, released just days before the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, attacks Turner for his comments about the U.S. tax code. The plane features Turner's name and the word "loopholes" is written in the sky (see above).

After the ad piqued the attention of several media outlets, including the New York Observer, the DCCC quickly removed the images of the buildings and yanked the original off YouTube:

According to the New York Post, a spokesperson said it "made a small tweak to remove the brief image of the skyline."

The Turner campaign had some harsher words.

"This was as dumb as President Obama sending Air Force One over the Statute of Liberty for publicity shots," spokesman William O’Reilly said.

Even Politico weighed in on the ad's appropriateness:

How the Democratic admaker would fail to be cognizant of the sensitivities around seeing an image of a plane hovering near the Big Apple's skyline three days before the tenth anniversary of Sept. 11 is hard to fathom.

A GOP win over Democrat David Weprin could be within reach in the heavily Democratic district, with Turner leading by 6 points according to the most recent polling.

You can watch the new ad below:

[youtube expand=1]

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