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What Did Michelle Obama Say to the President During the 9/11 Ceremony? (Take the Poll)


"All that for a flag?" or "Look at how they fold that flag."

A spirited debate broke out on Glenn Beck's radio show on Thursday morning regarding video that has surfaced showing Barack and Michelle Obama during a 9/11 ceremony. It shows Michelle whispering something to Barack, Barack nodding back, and Michelle making a facial expression in response. Some, such as Glenn and Pat, say it shows Michelle saying something disrespectful. Others, such as Stu and intern Adam, disagree.

Here's the video:

And another view where Michelle's lips are clearer:

After watching it, Glenn thought Michelle had said something derogatory about the flag, such as "Look at that damn flag" or "All that for a flag?"

To settle the issue, he brought on Adam the intern, who has been deaf most his life and has had to read lips to communicate. What does Adam think she said?

"Look at how they fold that flag," Adam said.

In response, Glenn pointed to Michelle's past comments about changing traditions, and said she looked disgusted. Stu disagreed: "I don't think that's a look of disgust."

Adam continued: "There could be something about a 'damn' flag," but he called it a "slight possibility" and said "I really don't see that, I really think it's about 'folding that flag.'"

What do you think?

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