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Elderly Calif. Woman's Giant Yard Cross Prompts City Inspection


"...it looks like there is a church on our street."

LOS ANGELES (The Blaze/AP) -- A nearly 25-foot cross in the front yard of an elderly woman's home is stirring controversy in a Los Angeles neighborhood. The two-story religious symbol has frustrated the woman's neighbors, sparking an investigation by city officials.

Neighbors complain the cross is an eyesore that is attracting unwanted attention to their San Fernando Valley cul-de-sac and hurting their property values.

"When you turn down our cul-de-sac, it looks like there is a church on our street," Laurie Biener of the West Hills neighborhood told the Daily News.

Aside from lamenting the mere presence of the giant cross, some are also disturbed by its graphic nature. The cross has drops of blood-red paint in the area where Jesus' hands and feet would have been nailed. It also features a crown of thorns and a sign that says, "Jesus I trust in you."

Neighbors' complaints to officials and to the Department of Building and Safety have prompted city building inspectors to take a look at the cross. They're expected to determine this week whether it complies with zoning rules or should be removed.

Homeowner Laly Dobener said she erected the cross to express her devotion to her Catholic faith and hopes her religious freedom will be protected.

"I don't understand what my neighbors are so upset about," the 72-year-old told the newspaper. "This cross isn't hurting anyone. It is my way of expressing my love to God and to the world ... to bring God's love to everyone."

A similar case occurred in New Jersey recently, resulting in a victory for a Christian man who also wanted to display a cross in his front yard. What do you think? Should this woman be allowed to keep the cross on her lawn in its current form? Take our poll, below:

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