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Bristol Palin’s Unrepentant Heckler Responds: She‘s ’Trash’ & a ‘Racist Homophobe’


"I'm sure she goes down the street and has other things said to her on a daily basis."

Bristol Palin's heckler is clearly unrepentant. TMZ caught up with 47-year-old Stephen Hanks who told the entertainment site that he doesn't regret screaming obscenities out at the young woman at a West Hollywood bar (read the original report here).

In a brief interview, Hanks explained that he doesn't like the Palin family, that "these people [referring to the Palins] are very dangerous" and that he was simply acting upon his convictions. Based on his comments, he doesn't, in the least, regret his harsh remarks.

Hanks went on to call Palin's question about his homosexuality "derogatory." He then proceeded to call her a "racist homophobe" and "trash." Watch it, below:

(h/t TMZ)

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