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Monday evening must-reads


Whiney "unemployed" millionaire is Google Democratic donor

“The most open Administration in history” has banned reporters political fundraisers

Harry Reid laments "job-killing" budget cuts he once supported

Democrats long for the days of Bill Clinton

NYC: $12 million in housing subsidies for dead people

Chicago Tribune: Time to end farm subsidies

How's that Super Committee working out?

Proposed EPA rules would require 230,000 more gov't employees

Supreme Court will likely rule on ObamaCare before 2012 election

Herman Cain: Back from the brink?

Newt Gingrich gets tea party endorsement

How many tea partiers are libertarian?

Where's the Iranian Spring?

Drug cartels now invading Mexican schools

NYTimes' Paul Krugman: Rep. Paul Ryan wants to kill people, or something

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