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Not Up to Primetime': Herman Cain Blasts Perry's Performance at GOP Debate

Not Up to Primetime': Herman Cain Blasts Perry's Performance at GOP Debate

"...message is more important than money.”

Following his tremendous success in the Florida straw poll, GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, who in the past has refrained from going after rivals with both barrels, had strong words of criticism for Texas Governor Rick Perry. During an in-depth two part interview with Fox News' Megyn Kelly, Cain said Perry's performance at last week's Republican presidential debate was "not up to primetime" and "wasn't even on par with anybody on that stage."

“With all due respect, it was not up to primetime. His performance, quite frankly, wasn’t even on par with anybody on that stage. Not in terms of the issues per se, but in just debate delivery," Cain stated.

"His answers were not crisp. They were not succinct. And I think one of the biggest disappointments was when Bret Baier asked him, well, 'What is your economic growth plan?' He didn't have one. You would have thought, getting all this free publicity for weeks, that you would have at least already started to work on the outline of what you're going to do about the biggest crisis we face -- other than national security -- which is this economy. And I think that disappointed a lot of people...."

Cain, who plans to use the momentum gained by his straw poll victory to propel him to the top of the race, explained, "I was able to deliver my message on Saturday and that delivered a lot of votes."

"Remember, my name ID prior to Saturday was 50 percent. I don't know what it is going to be now, but it's going to be significantly higher... You're going to see me move up gradually... The way we're going to parlay that is to continue to do what I've been doing: Taking my message to the people...."

Later on, Cain noted that traffic to his campaign website went up "by a factor of 10" after Saturday.

"Now I don't want people to think that i don't need more money. Yes we do -- Hermaincain.com --  but the fact of the matter is, more and more people are saying: 'Who is Herman Cain?' And you know what, Megyn? I'm going to answer that question with my new book that's coming out in October, coincidentally, entitled -- drumroll -- This is Herman Cain."

Cain also asserted that his win in Florida signifies “that the voice of the people is still more powerful than the voice of the media, with all due respect. And, secondly, it says that message is more important than money.”

And he just might be on to something. The Hill reported that Cain's campaign website, inundated by people seeking to make a donation, actually crashed at one point on Monday.

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