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The sarcastic, casual Kagan


Justice Elena Kagan has only spent one year on the bench of the U.S Supreme Court, but she's already found her footing. The Washington Post profiled President Obama's former solicitor general and found that she's a rookie, but unapologetic in her legal opinions. They're sarcastic and casual and she uses legal jargon like "loosey-goosey":

During the court’s arguments over the sale of violent video games, she casually mentioned the “iconic” game Mortal Kombat, “which I’m sure half of the clerks who work for us spent considerable amounts of time in their adolescence playing.”


[In] the campaign finance dissent, she said her colleagues on the other side thought that they had found a smoking gun. “But the only smoke here is the majority’s, and it is the kind that goes with mirrors,” Kagan wrote.

Read the full article here.

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