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Ouch: Medics Drop Unconscious Soccer Player From Stretcher


Anyone who watches sports has seen it happen plenty of times: a player gets injured, and the medics have to take him off on a stretcher. And many people probably hold their breathe during the ordeals, either out of fear for the player's injury, or fear that the medics might just have a blunder and mess up during the stretcher transport. If your one of those who have feared the latter, it's finally been realized.

During  a top flight match in Portugal on Sunday between Olhanense and Uniao Leiria, Olhanense’s Salvador Agra was inadvertently kicked in the head by a defender. The hit knocked him unconscious. That brought out the medics, who quickly tried to load Agra on a stretcher and get him to an ambulance. The key words are "tried" and "quickly." Maybe even too quickly:

Agra was reportedly diagnosed with a concussion but will be okay.

Did you get a little chuckle out of that? Well, NBC Sports has compiled a few more to lighten your day:

(H/T: SportsGrid)

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