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Thursday morning must-reads


Exclusive: Lying liberal protester responds to The Blaze's "right-wing smear campaign"

Why is the liberal media ignoring the "Days of Rage"?

Latest poll shows Cain replacing Bachmann in top tier of GOP contenders

Progressives find an unlikely friend in Ron Paul

Cain: I could not support Rick Perry as GOP nominee... and what's with those annoying Paul fans?

Ann Coulter: Does Rick Perry have a performance problem?

U.S. Census asks employees to stop sleeping on the job

Sarah Palin: Now Obama's blaming Europe

Karl Rove: Obama's risky run to the left

Pelosi-linked solar firm gets $737 million from Obama

Are big companies really the main driver of employment?

“In God we trust” is so 18th century

George Will: A Barney Frank "cure" for the Fed

Sheila Jackson Lee: Obama is being crucified like Jesus Christ

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