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Fitness App: Zombies Give You Incentive to Run


"You are in a post-apocolypic world and you are being chased by zombies."

Is your running playlist getting stale? Or do you just need motivation to run in general? Running from zombies should be incentive enough.

The Zombie, Run! app, which will be available in early 2012 for iPhone and Android, is not only a soundtrack of zombies chasing you, but its an actual story, a game that will keep you running with a sense of accomplishment.

Watch the creators explain:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/GyFqZtKvya0?version=3&hl=en_US expand=1]

App users will hear instructions and "the story" through headphones on their run. According to the app creators, the game has two parts. One the run, you "collect" items for the base. After your run, you download the items you've "collected" to the base, helping it grow.

Wired reported Zombies, Run! writer Naomi Alderman saying she got inspiration for the game from a running group she joined:

During an introductory session, one of the organizers asked the group why they wanted to run.

“To outrun the zombie horde,” said one of the participants. Everybody laughed — except for Alderman. Her mind was busy running races of its own.

Wired continues stating that the runner in the game -- called Runner 5 -- will increase their likelihood of survival the more he or she runs:

“There’ll definitely be a deeper mystery to uncover — after all, where did those zombies come from in the first place? — and plenty of intrigue and double-dealing between the self-interested people in your base,” Alderman said in an email.

“Like the hero of any video game, Runner 5 is going to survive, but perhaps not everyone else will,” she said.

Not sure if this app would be for you? Check out your state's theorized survivability ranking to see if you should start building up your endurance.

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